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So, you've all been emailing wanting to know the details of the 5-day juice detox I did, as composed up in Sunday Life. OK, it's called juice, which is kind of a misleading name as it's not really about dropping weight ... it has to do with getting your system back to typical by consuming 6kg of fruit and veg every day ... so you can drop weight in a sustained method. I found it terrific-- the things is squeezed REALLY early in the early morning (from natural components) and provided to your door at about 6.30 am (it can concern work or home). It runs Monday to Friday, so it doesn't consume into your weekend. And I loved the little gee-up notes you get each day, informing you all is ok. You do not really need to utilize your brain at all ... everything's there for you.

You don't actually get hungry doing this detox. You don't want emotional angst when you're working on this kind of thing. And I'm so bloody unwell of seeing good individuals putting themselves through pain to get healthy.

What likewise appealed, was owner Katherine Kraig's story that resulted in her launching the company. It's a bit like mine ... she found the entire detox market difficult and so prescriptive and unkind and quite about restriction. Her technique is about feeding your body, not punishing it.

This is exactly what Catherine emailed me about it:.


A juice detox based upon fresh organic fruit and nuts and veggies.


We deliver 6 fresh juices/smoothies/soup every day for your 3 or 5 day program. The 6 juices each day satisfies the daily energy requirements, containing about 1700 calories throughout the day (consisting of natural fats, carbohydrates and proteins).


We provide in the early mornings anywhere in between 5am and 9am. If we are delivering to your house it has a tendency to be on the earlier side, and if we are delivering to the CBD, it has the tendency to be on the later side.


Why not? Lose a few kgs, cheer up your skin, your state of mind and sky rocket your energy levels. Your body undergoes a natural detox process, and our juices have actually been created to assist your body with the procedure with 100 % natural fresh raw produce loaded with vitamins, anti-oxidants and minerals.